We break your systems before the bad guys do.


If you are looking for a certified ethical hacker to get involved on your project or infrastructure then look no further! Fill out our contact form and we will get back in touch with you soon.

Penetration testing

We evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure by attempting to find and exploit vulnerabilities. Our staff is CEH-certified. No-cure No-Pay!

Code reviews

Embed our knowledge in your software development process. By reviewing the code you develop we can prevent severe bugs from being deployed to your live environment.

Technical IT-consultancy

We care about your IT-infrastructure and software as much as you do. Fixing security flaws, troubleshooting problems, Linux server management and handling incident response are tasks we perform on a daily basis.


Happy Customers

Bugs discovered

Bugs fixed

Code reviews


"Your expertise has helped our site become more secure for our customers. Thank you so much!"

anonymous client

"We are so glad you belong to the good guys. If Offensi would belong to the bad guys we would be sitting in a pile of mess right now. You have earned our trust :)"

Anonymous client

"We are all about building sustainable relationships with our partners and Offensi seems to understand that perfectly well. Support is always quick, accurate and friendly. The technical knowledge and skills of Offensi's staff is something we no longer want to work without."

Anonymous client